DMUE 502 Electric Doner Kebab Shawarma Grill

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DİBEKSAN 2 Resistance Top Motor Electric Doner Kebab Shawarma Grill has been produced in accordance with 'CE' standards and directives with procedures and processes in accordance with food regulations for making delicious Doner Kebab, Shawarma, Gyros.

DMUE 502 Upper Motor Electric Doner Shawarma Gyros Machine with Two Burners


DMUE  type Top Motor Electric Doner grill has 2 heater grids (Resistance).

Our product is manufactured from stainless steel in accordance with the food regulations.

Ceramic glass surface (Thermal Glass), it is easy to clean and provides a stylish appearance.

With bidirectional motor direction of rotation (right-left) of the meat can be changed according to the user's request.

The stainless body has the ability to move forward and backward.

Electric leakages that may occur in the installation are prevented by the protective fuse of the energy cable and thus the motor is not damaged.

The slotted disc can be changed according to the doner size.

Skewer adjustment pin and the three-hole skewer, the usage size can be adjusted in three different ways.

Heating resistors operate independently of each other in their maximum and minimum positions.

The optional additional tray is used as an oil strainer and prevents the cut meat from spilling on the ground.

Optional additional covers protect the meat against external factors by keeping the temperature.





Max. Meat Capacity: 
20 kg Meat

Skewer Size:   12 x 12 mm

Skewer Length : 440 mm

Meat Plate Diameter : 150 mm

Engine Rotation Speed: 1 rotation per munite

Net weight :   24 kg

Dimensions :  W445 x D662x H788mm

Voltage :  2600 kW 220V / 50Hz / 1 Faz 

Amp : 10,8


•This high quality grill has 2 electric burners, engine on top. The grill is ideal for making delicious doner, gyros, kebab or shawarma. Standard equipped with stainless steel drip tray with filter.