About Us

Our company has taken its rightful place among the leading companies in the sector by starting the production of inox kitchen products, doner kebab cookers and later electric doner cutting blades in 1985.

Aiming at technology and quality, DİBEKSAN produced its products in accordance with CE standards and got their certificates by having them tested in the laboratories of EU approved institutions.

Continuing its production with experienced staff and technological production line, DİBEKSAN has succeeded in being among the most sought-after companies in sector, thanks to years of experience and bright history, and the products it produces.

Our Vision

Taking customer satisfaction as the basis of quality and ensuring the continuity of this development and development in line with the developments in this context.

To be preferred by the customer in terms of service and quality and to increase the number of our customers.

To improve product and service quality together and to ensure the continuity of this improvement by being in constant cooperation with our suppliers from whom we supply products and services.

Our quality policy

Our quality policy is to accept customer satisfaction as the basis of quality, to create, implement and improve the quality management system in this context and to ensure its continuity. It is our happiness to be a solution partner to the problems of our customers, employees and suppliers in our activities and to make them happy. Respect for laws, respect for people, respect for nature, respect for ourselves comes before our economic interests. Our aim is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in line with customer needs and demands, to develop our products that give confidence to the users in line with customer demands, to use technology and quality in every field of production and to integrate the concept of  WHERE EXPERIENCE MEETS QUALITY with the name DİBEKSAN.

Our Environmental Policy

We care about the health of our environment as much as our own and aim to leave a healthy and livable environment for future generations. For this purpose, our basic environmental policies are to establish and continuously develop an appropriate environmental management system, to use and protect natural resources consciously, to prevent pollution and waste, and to consume energy resources consciously by considering our future generations.

Our Occupational Safety Policy

Ensuring the safety of our employees, visitors and customers and preparing a healthy working environment for them is the most important part of our business. For this purpose, we accept and undertake to establish and continuously develop the necessary occupational health and safety management systems, to identify and reduce the risks that may endanger occupational health and safety, and to comply with national and international legislation and regulations regarding occupational safety in all our activities.

Dibeksan is Everywhere! Dibeksan Industrial Kitchen Equipment

It holds 46 food exhibitions with its industrial kitchens and cafeterias to be built in 1985, doner kebab ovens , Gyros - Shawarma - Doner kebab grill, electric doner knives and kitchen products.