HOSTECH by TUSİD 2023 26Sep

HOSTECH by TUSİD Fair gathers professionals from the hospitality, #restaurant, #café, and #bakery sectors from all around the world every two years. This year's fair served as a platform where industry leaders like #Dibeksan showcased their latest #products and technologies.


Dibeksan has been operating in the #industrial #kitchen #equipment sector for over 40 years. Our expertise lies particularly in #doner #kebab and #shawarma #machines, ensuring that our products meet high-quality standards and are designed to deliver delicious and flawless results.

At this year's fair, Dibeksan proudly presented its latest doner kebab and shawarma machines. These machines are designed to meet the highest quality standards and deliver exceptional results. They provide unforgettable flavor experiences for #food enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Throughout the fair, we engaged in delightful conversations with industry professionals who visited our booth. We met with local and international business partners, conducted discussions for new projects, and had the opportunity to share the latest industry trends.

Our experience at HOSTECH by TUSİD Fair has ignited our enthusiasm for bringing even greater achievements and innovations in the future. We are committed to better meeting our customers' needs and maintaining our leadership position in the industry.

As Dibeksan, we are delighted to have participated in #HOSTECH by #TUSİD Fair. Meeting industry-leading companies and professionals has further motivated us. We continue to work diligently to offer more flavor and quality, and we extend our gratitude to all our customers and business partners who have supported us along this journey.

Dibeksan proudly reaffirms our slogan, "Dibeksan is everywhere," and we thank you for your tremendous interest in our products at HOSTECH by TUSİD Fair, one of the largest fairs in our industry. We look forward to introducing you to our future innovations, where flavor and quality await!


Hostech by TUSID – 25. International Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Patisserie Equipment and Technologies Fair supported Industrial Kitchen, Laundry, Service and Catering Equipment Fair

Dibeksan is Everywhere! Dibeksan Industrial Kitchen Equipment

It holds 46 food exhibitions with its industrial kitchens and cafeterias to be built in 1985, doner kebab ovens , Gyros - Shawarma - Doner kebab grill, electric doner knives and kitchen products.