PIR EXPO 2022 Moskow 25Oct
PIR EXPO 2022 Moskow

We have completed the Pir Expo 2022 fair, one of the most important Industrial kitchen equipment and Out-of-Home Consumption fairs in Russia and our sector. ! We were also excited about the interest in our products and the interest in Turkish doner kebab at the fair, which was held in Moscow, the largest city and capital of Russia, between 17-20 October. It is very valuable for the #Dibeksan family to be one of the first companies that come to mind when #doner is mentioned for over 40 years.
When quality matters, #dibeksan is everywhere!
We renew our slogan and thank all our business partners and visitors for their support.

We met with our visitors at PIR EXPO 2022 Fair, which was held between 17-20 October, at our booth numbered 2A22 in the 14th hall!

Dibeksan is Everywhere! Dibeksan Industrial Kitchen Equipment

It holds 46 food exhibitions with its industrial kitchens and cafeterias to be built in 1985, doner kebab ovens , Gyros - Shawarma - Doner kebab grill, electric doner knives and kitchen products.